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What We Offer

We help companies facing different kind of difficulties such as reduction of market share,
reduction of operating margin, financial crisis, new competitors, etc. providing them clear analysis and specific solutions. We define new processes and models based on new business priorities. We improve the performance equally acting on Cost Management, Procurement, Supply Chain and Shared Services. We realize processes and organizational models. We improve the decision making process and the activities control.

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Business Performance Improvement

Recurring threats
  • Outdated product portfolio
  • Production inefficiency
  • Lower quality of services / products vs peers
  • Inadequate distribution chain
  • Oversizing of the structure staff
  • Low warehouse turnover
  • Inefficiency of operational and decision-making processes
  • Inefficient and expensive procurement
  • Inadequate KPI reporting

Costs optimization
Revenues improvement
Product portfolio optimization 
Supply Chain Optimization 
Purchasing processes optimization 
Audit of organizational model



Performance optimization by identifying critical areas and improvement in terms of efficiency and effectiveness: economic and financial historical data analysis, production and procurement processes (cost) analysis, business lines (revenues) analysis, Supply Chain and internal organization (structure, roles and responsibilities) analysis


Action Plan

Assistence for the elaboration and implementation of the Action Plan activities of performance improvement for each area (operations, revenues, HR, etc.). Assistance in the implementation phase of the action plan:
periodic analysis of the results obtained and of the deviations,
elaboration of reports (tableau de bord) and assistance to the board in strategic choices.

Development of operational tools to support management for performance monitoring

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